Dr. Dirk Johns : Weight Loss Professional in Massachusetts

Dr. Dirk Johns is a renowned weight loss professional, clinic director and founder of New England Fat Loss, Massachusetts.

At New England Fat Loss, Dr. Dirk Johns doesn’t just treat weight issues for clients, but rather works to correct and balance the underlying cause of these weight issues. These corrections often come from balancing the metabolism of individuals, and issue most people do not realize they need treated.
According to Dr. Dirk Johns, there are 3 broad categories that affect a person’s metabolism in a negative way.

1. Stress
Insulin, Cortisol, and Estrogen; All stress hormones that lock your metabolism and fat storage. The higher these levels are in your body, the more fat you store.

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2. Trauma
Accidents, Falls, Injuries, Surgeries, and Pregnancies all can have the same effect on your body and metabolism that stress can have.

3. Toxins in our Food
Pesticides, Steroids, Chemicals, False Sugars, and Sugars in general can all lock your metabolism and fat storage, leading to weight gain and increase in body fat.

At New England Fat Loss, Dr. Dirk Johns works with individuals to understand their metabolism and their individual needs. He helps to provide a plan for individuals with guaranteed weight loss results.

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Dr. Dirk Johns
Dr. Dirk Johns
Dr. Dirk Johns is a weight loss professional in Massachusetts. He has 20 years of clinical and weight loss expertise. He graduated from the Logan University of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO, in 1995 and is also a registered nurse with a fellowship from the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. He now works full-time helping people lose weight effectively and aiding them toward their desired weight loss goal.
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