The Benefits of Consulting a Weight Loss Professional



This is Dr. Dirk Johns, and this time I have something of a serious note! In my 20+ years as a weight loss professional in MA, I came across people who followed online resources that were inauthentic. People keep following deceiving videos and ads, which don’t work most of the time. Instead the ways that are not safe often affect your health adversely.

This blog will be an eye-opener for you to understand why it’s important to consult a weight loss professional for your weight loss journey.

Setting Up SMART Goals

Starting your weight loss without setting up a weight loss goal is like travelling outside without your destination in mind. Many of you must have set your weight loss goals. However, are they an achievable goals? Even if you have set an achievable goal, have you set a time frame to get there?

Here’s where a weight loss professional will help you by setting up a SMART weight loss goal that is monitored to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. These goals are specific to your body type. A weight loss professional should never set goals until he studies various parameters from your medical history to your lifestyle.

Safe Diet Plans

Diet plans are the most popular amongst the various information available online related to weight loss. People often blindly follow diet plans without knowing the authenticity of the resource and whether they’re safe. How could you get a diet plan for you without even knowing your body type and weight loss goals? Give it a thought.

A weight loss professional understands your lifestyle, body type, and medical history first, before suggesting a diet plan for you. Certified weight loss professionals customize diet plans day-in, day-out for their clients. This ensures that you’re following a safe and healthy diet that suits your body.

How Much and How to Lose Weight

Some people might need to lose few pounds whereas some might be suffering from severe obesity. The goals will be different and so will be the ways to accomplish the goals. Ads and videos with different ways can deceive anybody. Don’t fall prey to them!

Working with a weight loss professional will let you know if you need surgery, medications, or a custom weight loss program to lose the weight. Every certified weight loss professional will help you with the safest way to lose your excess fat.

More than two third of Americans are overweight. As a certified weight loss professional in MA, I felt the need to share this article with you. At New England Fat Loss, I came across many patients who were deceived by ads and online videos that made their weight loss even harder. So, always consult a certified weight loss professional and don’t fall prey to misleading ads and videos. Stay fit and stay healthy!

Dr. Dirk Johns
Dr. Dirk Johns
Dr. Dirk Johns is a weight loss professional in Massachusetts. He has 20 years of clinical and weight loss expertise. He graduated from the Logan University of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO, in 1995 and is also a registered nurse with a fellowship from the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. He now works full-time helping people lose weight effectively and aiding them toward their desired weight loss goal.
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