Top 5 Tips To Lose Weight In Winter Without Exercise

It’s a new year and people commit to different resolutions. Many of these resolutions are to lose weight and stay fit. This is exactly the time when you might be busy preparing your new diet plan, paying for a gym membership, or searching for some weight loss tips to transform your body. Most people, despite their best intentions, find it difficult to wake up in the morning, go to work, and then exercise to lose the weight.

It’s a good start if you’re willing to lose weight, but you should know that winter weight loss requires a very different set of foods and behaviors than in warmer months.

As a professional weight loss expert in MA, I want to share my top 5 tips on how to lose weight in winter.

1. Eat For Warmth

When it’s snowing outside, what sounds better – a cold salad or a bowl of soup? If you eat more naturally sweet, dense root vegetables, you can still enjoy a piping hot bowl of soup. You can also use spices and herbs in stews to maintain your energy in the winter.

2. Skip Comfort Foods

Avoid eating junk food. Concentrate more on foods that will keep your weight under control during the winter season. Consider eating more proteins and carbs that will keep you full for a longer time. Prepare a set of healthier recipes and use that as your new comfort food.

3. Increase Your Protein Intake

Most weight loss experts will recommend higher protein intake as part of their weight loss tips, and this is rightfully so. It really works. By boosting your protein intake, you can cut off your daily calorie intake. This helps to lose weight without being hungry all day. Healthy products like low-fat milk, egg whites, beans, fish and chicken breast are all rich in protein.

 5 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Weight, by Dr Dirk Johns

4. High Water Content Foods

Including foods with high water content in your meal will contribute to healthy weight loss in winter. This includes soups, fruits, and veggies. You should also have plenty of water on hand. Many times we feel thirsty during colder season and mistake that as hunger. In these cases, water can add weight without adding calories.

5. Keep A Positive Attitude

Eating treats constantly is a major factor in unsuccessful weight loss. If you’re serious about meeting your goal by the end of winter, be willing to say no to unhealthy snacks and junk food. Think about your goals and why you’re trying to lose weight. Even if you already achieved a previous weight loss goal, it’s important to maintain a healthy weight throughout winter.

These top 5 winter weight loss tips have helped many people in their weight loss programs. Many fitness experts will tell you that the harder you work out in the gym, the more you lose. Believe me, that isn’t the only way. My program can help you lose weight without diet, exercise, or surgery.

I’m Dr Dirk Johns, and as a weight loss professional in MA, I’ve helped so many people lose weight. My clients realize that it isn’t as tough as they might think. You can lose weight that too without spending all day at the gym or looking for a new diet plan. If you’re looking to lose weight, please schedule a free consultation with me today.

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Dr. Dirk Johns
Dr. Dirk Johns
Dr. Dirk Johns is a weight loss professional in Massachusetts. He has 20 years of clinical and weight loss expertise. He graduated from the Logan University of Chiropractic in St. Louis, MO, in 1995 and is also a registered nurse with a fellowship from the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. He now works full-time helping people lose weight effectively and aiding them toward their desired weight loss goal.
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